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Being Ecological

20 January 2018 | Eco, Guardian, Reviewing, Science | Post a comment

I've just reviewed Timothy Morton's Being Ecological for the Guardian. It's the first of a regular series of non-fiction reviews I'll be doing for the new-look Review section. I'll also be reviewing paperbacks as usual, so there will be plenty of fascinating non-fiction titles to choose from in 2018. Happy reading!

Morton's book is full of remarkable insights and ideas - it's a brilliant and only occasionally Delphic display of intellectual pyrotechnics. He doesn’t offer a plan to make society more environmentally friendly: “the idea of sustainability implies that the system we now have is worth sustaining”.

Instead, in what is an inspiringly idealistic book, he wants a paradigm shift in our relationship to the world and for us all to live the idea that we are “a symbiotic being entangled with other symbiotic beings”.

Read the full review here.

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