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Rush-Hour review

30 September 2015 | Reviewing, Watching the Detectives | Post a comment

Apologies for the lack of posts over the last few months, but life has been pretty hectic for me. We moved house and then my mother died, which was all rather traumatic, as I guess you can imagine.
Anyway, I've managed to get at least a few book shelves up in my new office (you have to get your priorities right, don't you). Here's the view from my window, although I do now use a slightly more up-to-date word processor than this one...


I'm working hard on Watching the Detectives. For a number of reasons too boring to explain, this book has taken longer than I hoped to research and write. But my publisher, Bloomsbury, is being very understanding and I'm back on the case, tracking down the sleuths. Watch this space, as they say…

In addition to my brief non-fiction reviews which I write for the Guardian, I did one for the TLS recently on Iain Gately's Rush Hour, a fascinating history of commuting. Unfortunately they don't put their reviews online, so here's my version (which may differ slightly from the published one). Enjoy!

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