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08 April 2014 | City | Post a comment

As an author, there is nothing better than finding an email like this in your inbox:

“I bought your book City a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. I am a high school teacher, specialising in geography and urban geography. I have been inspired by your book to re-create our rather tired urban geography unit, with a move away from a functional/chronological to a more narrative teaching approach. I am loosely basing the structure of the first 7-8 lessons on the chapters of your book with a view to both creating a deeper understanding of the urban environment as well as engaging and inspiring the students with stories about some amazing places - much the same as you do in your book.

Really, I guess I am writing this to thank you for inspiring me to try harder to inspire my kids.”

Neville Gibbs
Waitakere College, Auckland, New Zealand

Comments like that make all the hard work of writing and research worthwhile. Thanks Neville!

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