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City – interviews & reviews #2

22 August 2012 | City | Post a comment

Dan Wagstaff has interviewed me for his wonderful blog The Casual Optimist. We covered a lot of ground, from cities (of course) and dystopias, to my earliest experience of writing (as well as reader feedback) and my favourite book (Titus Groan). You can read it here.

City was reviewed by Will Wiles in this month's Icon magazine. It's an urban-themed issue, including a fascinating piece on feral cities by Geoff Manaugh and some of Michael Wolf's superb photos of Hong Kong skyscrapers. Well worth buying! The review is not online, but here's a taster of what he thought about the book:

"The overall effect is an energetic tribute to the city rather than a guide or academic study - a celebration of city-ness itself. Smith...writes plainly and with astonishing scope, persistently global and seemingly at home with everything from Mardok to Masdar. The little thematic essays are a joy... With even littler texts boxed in colour and scattered hither and yon, City is a tremendously jazzy, restless book."

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