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11 July 2012 | City | Post a comment

James Mather has written a fascinating and largely favourable review of City for this week's Spectator (7 July 2012). Here's a taster:

"The book...is a rich kaleidoscope celebrating urban life in all its aspects. It is neither a sustained narrative nor a polemic, but takes its cue from the episodic construction of city guidebooks. This conceit works well, helped along by copious and colourful illustrations. No city, let alone the universal city, can be seen entire. Smith's approach is to take the reader on a series of tours, which are consistently well-written and researched - and impressively eclectic - that reveal his subject matter in myriad small glimpses. [...] Smith's book is at once a hugely enjoyable read and an inspiring vision to aim for."

You can view a PDF of the review here.

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