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Dr. Fantástico

23 September 2008 | Companhia das Letras, Doomsday Men, Dr Strangelove | 2 comments

Next week Companhia das Letras publishes the Brazilian edition of Doomsday Men.

Apparently, in Portuguese Dr Strangelove is translated as Dr. Fantástico.

The UK edition is now also available in paperback at Amazon, Waterstone's, The Book Depository and your local bookshop.

2 comments so far:

  1. Fabio Fernandes | 06 October 2008

    Hi P.D.,

    Yes, Dr. Strangelove was translated here in Brasil as Dr. Fantástico (not in Portugal, however: even though we speak the same language, the Portuguese translator chose a literal approach, and thus the title of Kubrick´s film became Dr. Estranhamor).

    I´m looking forward to your book. I´m going to review it for a website here.

    all the best!

  2. PD Smith | 06 October 2008

    Thanks for that Fabio. Unfortunately I don't speak Portuguese, but it looks to me as though Dr. Estranhamor is a more accurate translation of 'Strangelove' than Dr. Fantástico... But I rather like the Brazilian version! Fascinating to see how things are translated...

    Hope you like the book! Let me know...

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