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28 January 2008 | Atomic Age, cold war, Doomsday Men | Post a comment

The Philadelphia Inquirer has published a very perceptive review of Doomsday Men by physicist and science writer Paul Halpern.

Here are a couple of highlights:

"Doomsday Men offers a marvelous resource for understanding the issues and personalities underlying Kubrick's masterpiece and other creative interpretations of the Cold War. From pulp science-fiction stories to Godzilla's theatrical invasions, it is a veritable lexicon of atomic-age culture. Consequently, it is a long and meaty book, but fast-paced nonetheless. [...]

With the Cold War fading into history, Doomsday Men offers a valuable reminder of the period's fears and foibles. It provides an outstanding guide to a pivotal era when humanity first faced the terrifying prospect of annihilation by its own hand."

Read the whole review here.

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