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05 November 2007 | Doomsday Men | 5 comments

The US edition of Doomsday Men now officially has a cover, and a very striking one it is too. My editor at St Martin's Press has just emailed me a copy and I'm very pleased with it.

SMP cover

For the cover of the UK edition, Penguin chose to highlight the science fictional element to the book, which was fine because that is an important part of the story I'm trying to tell. But it's also (as one reviewer said) a chilling history with a serious message, and I think the cover St Martin's Press have designed captures that brilliantly.

What do you think?

5 comments so far:

  1. indeterminacy | 06 November 2007

    What's wrong with me? I'm American, and I prefer the British cover!

  2. PD Smith | 06 November 2007

    I like both: they reflect different aspects of the book and so complement each other. But it would be interesting to know which one people prefer...

  3. Clare D | 07 November 2007

    I prefer the American and I'm British...There's some sort of symmetry here, isn't there?

  4. PD Smith | 08 November 2007

    Good to hear from you Clare! I notice both copies are available on Amazon, so I'm going to let people make their own minds up...

  5. indeterminacy | 08 November 2007

    In a way the UK cover reminds me of this cover, from a classic science fiction & sequel, "When Worlds Collide"/"After Worlds Collide", probably because of the dominance of red.


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