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Dr Strangelove and the real Doomsday Machine

08 August 2007 | Atomic Age, Doomsday Machine, Doomsday Men, Dr Strangelove, Kubrick | Post a comment

Christopher Coker has written a very positive review of Doomsday Men ("the gripping, untold story of the ultimate weapon of mass destruction") for this week's Times Literary Supplement. He writes:

In his film Dr Strangelove, Stanley Kubrick did for the Cold War what he had done for space in 2001: he intensified it, thereby making it more theatrical and at the same time giving it more depth. It is easily the funniest movie made about global thermo-nuclear war, and Strangelove seems not to have lost its bite, even though we think (mistakenly) that we have escaped the nuclear age.

Read the rest of Coker's interesting piece here.

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