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How we learned to start worrying

22 July 2007 | Atomic Age, Doomsday Machine, Doomsday Men, Dr Strangelove | Post a comment

Robert Hanks has written a very good review of Doomsday Men for this weekend's Financial Times. This is the opening paragraph:

"The idea that all life on earth might be extinguished very soon, and that human technology will be the cause, is deeply ingrained in our culture. Indeed, historians of the future, assuming there is a future, may be intrigued by how easily we have switched from nuclear anxieties to the environmental kind: do we enjoy thinking that we’re destroying the planet?"

He concludes that I succeeded in putting "the nuclear age into a new context, engagingly and even excitingly".

You can read the whole review online here, although unfortunately without the great photo from Dr Strangelove of Slim Pickens atop the H-bomb which they printed with the review.

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