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04 July 2007 | cold war, Doomsday Machine, Doomsday Men | Post a comment

John Gribbin has said some nice things about Doomsday Men in a review for this month's Literary Review:

"It is an impassioned account of everything from the discovery of radioactivity to plans for a Doomsday Device (yes, there really were such plans) from an author who feels that to the generations growing up who see the Cold War only as something in history books, the true horror of nuclear weapons has been forgotten. While politicians talk glibly of 'weapons of mass destruction', nobody has any real feeling for what it means to experience intense machine gun fire, the kind of bombing that destroyed Dresden, or a nuclear holocaust. Nor do many people know that there are still about 30,000 nuclear weapons still ready for launch around the world. Doomsday Men aims to address that gap, focusing on nuclear weapons, but also looking at other forms of mass destruction."

 He concludes that Doomsday Men is "important, and, depressingly, there is a need for it - people, especially younger people than me, ought to read it".

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