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Herr Einstein, that’s nonsense!

30 June 2007 | Doomsday Men, Einstein, H-bomb, SF, Szilard | 4 comments

Novelist Tibor Fischer has written a great review of my book, Doomsday Men in today's Daily Telegraph. I just thought I'd share a few quotes with you:

"Doomsday Men doesn't just deal with thermonuclear destruction. It's a meticulous account of weapons of mass destruction and the science and scientists behind them. Indeed, it is two books for the price of one, because it is also a cultural disquisition. Smith scours fiction for visions of death rays and lurid imaginings of Armageddon to show how writers often preceded or influenced scientists."

As well as describing Doomsday Men as "readable and entertaining", Fischer thinks I deserve "some sort of award for value for money". Well at least you know that if you buy my book, you're not being short-changed!

You can read the whole review, "But, Herr Einstein, that's nonsense!", here.

4 comments so far:

  1. Paul Halpern | 30 June 2007

    A wonderful review indeed! Many congratulations on the well-deserved recognition.

  2. PD Smith | 30 June 2007

    Thanks Paul!

  3. shannon | 30 June 2007

    Great Review! Here's hoping for many more to come. I wonder what Einstein was talking about when Szilárd said it was nonsense? Do you say in your book? I know, I'll just have to read it, right? Well, I intend to soon.
    Science is such a double edged sword. It truly can bring out the best or worst in humanity.

  4. PD Smith | 30 June 2007

    cheers Shannon! Just in case you can't wait to read it in the book, Einstein was telling his Berlin colleagues how to conduct an experiment with X-rays. Must have been a great moment...

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