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30 March 2007 | Gribbin, pop science, Reviewing, Writing & Poetry | Post a comment

Goodness, is it really that long since I did a blog? How time flies - I almost said when you're having fun, but in this case 'when you're suffering' would be more accurate.

Well, maybe suffering is a bit harsh - but we've got the builders in our house. They've been here 6 weeks and 4 days - and believe me, I am counting the days...

Have you tried writing to the accompaniment of a hammer-drill? On second thoughts: suffering is definitely the right word.

Anyway, apologies for a general lack of communication on my part. To make amends here is a piece I did on John Gribbin's latest pop science best-seller The Universe. It's a cool book - lots of stuff on cosmology and the quantum wonderland. Enjoy.

If you're looking for something to read (hopefully not to the sound of hammer-drills) you could do worse to check out some of the recent paperbacks I've been reviewing - here and here and here.

Got to go now - I think they've just drilled through the water main...

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