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Pleasure Cities

28 May 2012 | City, My Books | Post a comment

I've written a piece for Arc 1.2, the new digital quarterly from the makers of New Scientist, about cities and fun:

"Every year for three whole days in the picturesque Piedmont town of Ivrea, Italy, some three thousand people pelt each other mercilessly with oranges, until the streets are covered with eight inches of golden citrus gore and the gutters run with juice. Welcome to the Battle of the Oranges, part of Ivrea’s Carnival festivities. In this age of mushrooming megacities, Carnival is a boisterous reminder that urban life has proved so popular in the last five thousand years not just because of the economic benefits, but because cities are fun."

Buy the issue - titled Post Human Conditions - and read the whole article, "Built for Pleasure", here.


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